How to See Free Movies & TV Shows From Google Play Store

I’ve been watching free movies and TV shows form the Google Play store, now and then, for over a year. The method requires some effort and you won’t get to see movies too often but you can surely get to see maybe 2 or 3 per month if nothing else changes. Here is how.

Parsing & Evaluating Reverse Polish Notation in Python

The Reverse Polish Noation (RPN) is a mathematical notation to define a sequence of steps where the operator follows the operand. This post will show you how to parse and evaluate them in Python. This exercise will then allow us to go one step further and write an Infix Notation evaluator to parse standard simple mathematic formulas.

How to Clean Install OS X Yosemite the Easy Way

Whenever a new version of OS X is released, I use it as an excuse to rejuvenate my system by doing a clean install. This has become harder as Apple has started to release their OS through the App Store as an update only. Most guides out there to clean install the OS involve some command line gymnastics and tricks involving downloading the update and not running it etc. There is a much easier way using only standard options. The catch, it takes twice as long.

How to Never Loose Your Files Again

Our lives are becoming increasingly digital. Not only do we socialize digitally, most of our information related to our lives is fast becoming digital. Pictures, Videos, Songs, Documents, Bills, Receipts are all available as digital versions and incresingly as the only versions. However, given how easy being digital improves our lives, it makes it easy to loose all that data in a heartbeat. What is your plan if your phone or laptop suddenly stops working?