How to Never Loose Your Files Again

Our lives are becoming increasingly digital. Not only do we socialize digitally, most of our information related to our lives is fast becoming digital. Pictures, Videos, Songs, Documents, Bills, Receipts are all available as digital versions and incresingly as the only versions. However, given how easy being digital improves our lives, it makes it easy to loose all that data in a heartbeat. What is your plan if your phone or laptop suddenly stops working?

How to Convert MRI Scans to PNG Images

If you get an MRI scan done, they provide you a CD with the images. However, these images are in a binary format and can only be viewed using the Windows based software on the CD. What do you do if you have a Mac or a Linux PC? OR if you want to share the images online? Here is a Python script that can help.

Basic Sorting Algorithms Implemented in Python

This post includes Python based implementation of some of the classic basic sorting algorithms. Although Python already includes the excellent Timsort algorithm implementation, this was done more as an academic exercise to not forget the basic principles of sorting.

The Best Way to Use a 32-Bit DLL Library in a 64-Bit Platform

We recently transitioned to a complete 64-Bit Windows platform across all our servers and workstation. All proprietary vendor applications already had 64-Bit versions. Almost all of our internal code, written in either Java, Python or .Net, could be easily compiled to a 64-Bit versions.

However, our biggest problem was trying to incorporate our 32-Bit DLL dependencies.