Basic Sorting Algorithms Implemented in Python

This post includes Python based implementation of some of the classic basic sorting algorithms. Although Python already includes the excellent Timsort algorithm implementation, this was done more as an academic exercise to not forget the basic principles of sorting.

The Best Way to Use a 32-Bit DLL Library in a 64-Bit Platform

We recently transitioned to a complete 64-Bit Windows platform across all our servers and workstation. All proprietary vendor applications already had 64-Bit versions. Almost all of our internal code, written in either Java, Python or .Net, could be easily compiled to a 64-Bit versions.

However, our biggest problem was trying to incorporate our 32-Bit DLL dependencies.

Why I’ve Been Cheating on Java With Python

My first programming crush was AmigaBASIC, it opened up a new world! Soon, I started going out with QuickBASIC and soon dumped QuickBasic for Visual Basic. We did wonderful things and amazed a lot of people. However, in collage I met C++ and realized what I had been missing with Visual Basic. I needed a more serious and meaningful relationship. C++ gave me that and made me into the programmer I am.

After collage, when it was time to settle, It was Java) with which I started a serious and steady relationship. I took my time to get to know it inside and out. It was a relationship build on respect and dedication. We created big complicated systems and solved a lot of complex problem on Wall Street. It started becoming a part of my identity. We were becoming inseparable, that is, until I met Python).

Danish’s Survival Guide to the New York City Subway

I’ve logged around 1,500 hours riding the New York City subway over a period of 6 years. I live in Queens, work in Manhattan and often like to hangout in Manhattan or Brooklyn. Hence, I get around a lot on the subway. With this insight, I’ve developed a set of survival rules that you may not find written in an official guide. Your New York City friends may find them too obvious to talk about. Hence, if you’re from out of town just visiting or planning to move here, you need to read these. If you’re a New Yorker, I would love to hear your gems of wisdom, which I can add here.

Python Module Naming Pitfall

I recently ended up naming my Python .py module as the same name as one of the standard Python library modules. This caused an import exception and ended up wasting me a lot of time and left me feeling completely lost for a while trying to debug it. Here is what I did and how I was eventually able to figure it out. I hope this helps someone else that may fall into the same pitfall!