I’ve been watching free movies and TV shows form the Google Play store, now and then, for over a
year. The method requires some effort and you won’t get to see movies too often
but you can surely get to see maybe 2 or 3 per month if nothing else changes. Here
is how.

The strategy involves using a combinaiton of the Google Opinion Rewards program
along with Google play store’s deals on $0.99 movies. I haven’t seen the $0.99 deals in
weeks, but you can still see one for at least $2.99.

Hence, basically earn free play store credit and use it on cheap movies. Most of the times, you
can find a decent moviw to watch. For me, each movie lasts roughly 3 subway

Google Opinion Rewards

It’s simple, answer quick surveys and earn Google Play credits to buy apps, music,
movies, games, and books in the Google Play Store. Once you sign up, you will be
notified of an available survey, which you can answer to earn credit. Some serveys
pay more then other.

Here is some of my history. To date, I’ve earned around $24.00 since 5/14/2014!